Synergy Effect BTX Ampoule - MAXCLINIC

Synergy Effect BTX Ampoule - MAXCLINIC

  • Maximize the absorption of essential ingredients with bio-water and liposomal. This serum's skin nourishing and moisturizing ingredients are delivered deep into the skins layers without leaving a sticky residue.

  • Formulated with an effective concentration of peptides, amino acid and hyaluronic acid that work together to fight dullness and wrinkles for younger looking skin, helping to slow down the effects of aging and regenerate the skin after it has become dehydrated or has lost elasticity.

  • Say goodbye to waking up with pillow marks on your face, this serum refreshes your face leaving it energized and smooth.

  • Make a real difference to the health of your overall complexion, after using a box of 14 bottles the skin looks revitalized and smoother and feels softer and more flexible.

  • This highly concentrated essential serum with a rich texture that is halfway between a cream and a serum provides deep nutrition and immediate nourishment to the skin.


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