Rose Vitamin Brightening Oil Foam MAXCLINIC

Rose Vitamin Brightening Oil Foam MAXCLINIC

  • Oil to Foam Face Cleanse

  • Plant-derived Cleansing Ingredients

  • Creates A Creamy Foam

  • Contains Natural AHA and Rose Oil

  • Double Cleansing A Korean Beauty Trend


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Oil to Foam Face Cleanser - A dual cleansing product that effectively removes makeup and SPF on your face. Double Cleansing is a comprehensive face wash to prevent breakouts and clean the face. MAXCLINIC Oil Foams lead you to a NEW deep cleansing method.

Your skin will be free from makeup, impurities, dirt, and sebum.

Plant-derived Cleansing Ingredients – Containing cleansing agents derived from papaya, coconut, babassu, and palm tree that work to gently remove makeup, strong SPF, impurities, sebum, and dead skin, it thoroughly cleans without irritating the skin.

Creates A Creamy Foam – You can see an amazing transformation once you add water. It creates a creamy foam that remove oils and remaining pollutants leaving the skin really fresh and clean. This oil foam is definitely an effective face cleanser.

Contains Natural AHA and Rose Oil – The natural AHA from plum helps to exfoliate the skin. Using the highest quality rose oil, the vitamin formula helps to replenish nutrients, moisture, and vital energy to the skin. Awakening your youth, improving skin texture and complexion leaving your skin looking firm and smooth.

Double Cleansing A Korean Beauty Trend - Korea’s Double cleansing method is the way to beautiful and healthy skin, but it is difficult and a hassle to do every day. MAXCLINIC Oil Foams are designed with a scientific combination of oils and foams. You can get skincare benefits of double cleansing whilst saving time. It can be used daily to keep the skin fresh and clean with a blend of mild ingredients, foam and oil.

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