Rice Water - COMEITTO

Rice Water - COMEITTO

  • A Toner that contains 78% Rice bran water extracted from organic rice carefully selected by masters. A hydrating toner that provides moisture to the skin and levels out the skin's natural pH balance, making the skin radiant and healthy.

  • COMEITTO's rice bran water is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals from fresh rice, so it softens the skin's texture and brightens the skin tone after use.

  • It replenishes the skin with moisture and the refreshing texture restores the pH balance of the face. A facial toner with a pH 5.5 formula maintains healthy skin.

  • A skin soothing complex of 7 botanical ingredients (chamomile, green tea, scutellaria baicalensis root, centella asiatica, spanish licorice root, polygonum cuspidatum root and rosemary) soothes sensitive skin and smoothens rough skin texture.

  • It contains an abundance of gamma oryzanol because the fresh rice is processed into raw materials through a delicate process. Gamma oryzanol, which is much more effective than vitamin C and probiotics are added to replenish moisture and protect the skin from external stimuli.


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