Rice Gel Cream - COMEITTO

Rice Gel Cream - COMEITTO

  • An 84% rice bran water cream with a rice oil base, obtained from carefully selected organic rice. COMEITTO's rice is selected from rice that has passed strict quality standards such as shape, luster and taste. It is used in it's raw form to retain the moisture and nutrients of the rice.

  • It contains an abundance of gamma oryzanol because the fresh rice is processed into raw materials through a delicate process. Gamma oryzanol, which is much more effective than vitamin C and Ceramides are added to replenish moisture and protect the skin from external stimuli.

  • Comeitto Gel Cream works as a double moisturizer to care for dry or rough skin all day. Feel your skin smooth and hydrated throughout the day, not just when you apply it to your skin.

  • The structure of the ingredients adhere the moisturizing ingredients to the skin so that the moisturizing effects last all day. The moisturizing ingredients of the elastic gel melt down to the stratum corneum, softening flaky skin and creating a smooth skin surface.

  • The formula is alcohol free, gluten free, paraben free, fragrance free, hypoallergenic. It is perfect for sensitive skin and won’t clog pores for healthy looking skin. It has a hydrating jelly type texture which is quickly absorbed leaving your skin feeling fresh and supple.


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