Rice Cleansing Balm - COMEITTO

Rice Cleansing Balm - COMEITTO

  • A hypoallergenic cleansing balm that delivers moisture and nutrients to the skin. Melting from a balm to an oil it easily cleans makeup, pores, and removes waste. A fragrance free and color free makeup remover.

  • The solid balm quickly melts and takes off makeup and waterproof sunscreen even just by using a small amount of product. When water is added it amazingly transforms into a foaming cream, It requires no another cleansers.

  • Oil from the melting balm easily removes makeup, impurities and clears out pores. The oil is lighter than water, so it floats out when rinsing the face and leaves perfectly clean pores.

  • Contains organic rice bran water, aloe extract and broccoli extract to moisturize and leave the skin feeling refreshed. Your skin won't feel dry and oily after washing the face. With natural ingredients, it gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin without irritation even with daily use. It provides suppleness to the skin while at the same time cleaning thoroughly.

  • When formulating all skincare products to provide to consumers and cosmetic experts, Comeitto formulates all products without 88 harmful ingredients that might react to sensitive skin.


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