Rouge Star Plumping Lip Tattoo pack(Richly Red) - CATRIN

Rouge Star Plumping Lip Tattoo pack(Richly Red) - CATRIN

  • Clear color with a single touch: patented texture that lasts all day without any modification.

  • Stiff lip volume effect: Volume effect that fills the vertical lines of the lips tightly

  • Pack management as ingredients for gloss, moisture, and nutrition: Marine Collagen and Royal Jelly, which are sufficient for the pack (Marine Collagen, Royal Jelly)

  • Soft and matte plumper: Lightly adhering to the lips without stickiness.

  • Smoothly with a peel-off type: It comes off neatly without irritation and sticks smoothly to any lip product layer.


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How to use

1. Apply evenly to the lip line. (Use a Q-tip to cleanse the lip line and apply evenly.

2. Dry the pack for about 5 to 15 minutes (take it off slowly when it dries to a point where it doesn't get smudged).

Usage Tip

1. Use it after taking care of your lips as it may sting your lips.

If the color is weak with 2.1 times, it will be darker if you use it again.

3.If you feel matte after taking it off, you can add lip gloss to create a more moist and pretty color.


Different people may have different coloration depending on the color of their lips are different from person to person. If you have a lot of dead skin or oil on your lips, it may not be colored, so clean your lips before applying it.

The Casicum Annum Fruit Extractor is a fluffy material that makes your lips warm and warm, so you can use it as an EWG 1 grade anshing component.


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