VIUUM 4 ply Fabric Disposable Face Mask

VIUUM 4 ply Fabric Disposable Face Mask

  • VIUUM MASK obtained the highest grade of EXCELLENT in the human skin application test of hypoallergenic test in German DERMATEST, which has high reliability and strict standards.

  • It is a mask with a lightweight filter and non-woven material so that it can be worn lightly in daily life, it has a high blocking rate of Hazardous Substances and is easy to breathe.

  • The elastic material is comfortable to the ears even when worn for a long period of time.

  • It effectively protects the respiratory tract from harmful substances with a KF94/FFP2 mask with a 4-layers including an ultra-static high-efficiency filter.

  • It consists of an environmentally friendly packaging that does not generate unnecessary waste as there are 25 sheets in one pouch.


Total price


4 layers

This mask is high performance 4-layer designed.

  1. Spun bond: Spunbond is non-toxic & free of leachables & lubricants. It is the ideal material for face mask production. This non-woven fabric is used to produce all kinds of covers and shopping bag.
  2. Air thru: It is a effect of middle-layers and it will be maintain the mask to easy air through and support mask volume.
  3. Melt blown: This is made of synthetic fiber and it creates natural static electricity in which absorbs all micro-level foreign substances, therefore it is easy to breathe. The filter has a high prevent rate as well.
  4. Spun bond: Inner Spunbond is important because of skin trouble to every single person to using the mask. So VIUUM Mask has applied hypoallergenic inner material approved by dermatest.


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