Bibim Men Instant Cold Noodles Sweet & Spicy 130g x 5

Bibim Men Instant Cold Noodles Sweet & Spicy 130g x 5

  • KOREAN INSTANT NOODLES A fulfilling yet simple meal that is easy to make and ready to eat in minutes! Great for a quick meal perfect for summer time! Made in Korea.

  • SWEET & SPICY SAUCE: Paldo Bibim Men’s sauce is made in 1984 and has been loved for 35 years. This is spicy, a hint of 8% of apple juice and combining it with our unique spices and flavored sauce. We bring you the most unique taste and once you have tried our noodles, you will never forget its sweetness and spiciness noodle you can ever enjoy!

  • BIBIM RECIPES: The magic recipe that anyone can easily cook. There is no MSG in it. The spicy flavor, can be cooked with your favorite Samgupsal, spicy chicken, and fish it was inspired by the world finest peppers. Our specialty is a well-spiced soup that will have you sipping and savoring the sweetness of the meal down to the very last drop!


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