5ea Cotton Disposable 4 Layer KF-94 Face Mask White Air Queen

5ea Cotton Disposable 4 Layer KF-94 Face Mask White Air Queen

  • Care Instructions: Non Washable

  • You will get 5 Pieces in total, Randomly Picked

  • Lightweight 4 Layer: Use the filter by No.1 manufacturer in Asia.

  • Regardless of its thinness, its durability is outstanding.

  • Individually Wrapped


Total price



This mask is high performance 4-layer designed with melt-blown filter. This protects you from any substances such as yellow dust and harmful substances.

  • What is a MELT-BLOWN filter?

This is made of synthetic fiber and it creates natural static electricity in which absorbs all micro-level foreign substances, therefore it is easy to breathe. The filter has a high prevent rate as well.



Upon checking for contamination inside, wear it with starting from the chin then, completely covering the nose and mouth.

Secure the headband by wearing it over your ears.

Press the nose clip with the fingers so that sticks to the nose.

Wrap the entire mask with both hands and adjust it so that it adheres to the face while checking for air leakage.


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