Hera - Exceptional Eau De Parfum 50ml

Hera - Exceptional Eau De Parfum 50ml

  • EXCEPTIONAL EAU DE PARFUM, dedicated to the unique beauty of Asian women and their special moments

  • The moment of emptiness yet full of possibility, the moment that is the darkest yet heralds the brightest to come, the scent of that special moment with the perfect harmony of stillness and awakening.

  • High-end fragrant ingredients indigenous to Asia are recreated into a transparent and noble white floral perfume through the hands of a master perfumer.

  • A symbol of exceptional beauty. Exceptional beauty from inner grace and charisma shining in silence.

  • TOP NOTE : Sophisticated, smooth sparkling citrus that captures your senses. Bamboo water, Jeju mandarin and jasmine tea. MIDDLE NOTE : A brilliant floral bouquet that flourishes with the light from Seoul cherry blossoms. Seoul plum blossom, jasmine sambac, orange flower, rosebud and ylang-ylang. BASE NOTE : An addictive long-lingering finish that's mysterious yet sensual and mellow. Sandalwood, orris and white musk.


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